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Dossy Peabody

Coaching actors

Through out



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Grey Johnson
& Richard McElvain
Sketch-O-Rama - Written and Directed by Larry Blamire
Gloucester Stage Company Dossy Peabody and Robert Walsh in ‘Two for the See-Saw’ directed by Grey Johnson

Two for the Seesaw

by William Gibson


Robert Walsh

Directed by

Grey Johnson

Gloucester Stage

Dossy Peabody and Jim Huston directed by John Fogle in ‘Key Exchange’ for Gloucester Stage Company

Key Exchange

By Kevin Wade

Jim Huston


Directed by
John Fogle

Georgia Lyman Charlie Peabody ‘Half Wits’ at the Boston Playwright’s Theatre Larry Blamire

Half - Wits

Boston Playwrights’ Theatre 2010
Produced and Directed
by Charlie Peabody

Charlie Peabody

“Dooch & Marco”
written by
Charlie Peabody

Georgia Lyman

Sketch-O-Rama sketches
written by
Larry Blamire

Elliot Norton award for outstanding actress in Gloucester Stage Company’s ‘A Widow’Blind Date’

“Whenever I’m asked about acting coaches in the area, I recommend Dossy Peabody first and foremost.  Always.”

Kate Snodgrass
Artistic Director
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

Paul O’Brien Tom Bloom  Dossy Peabody in Israel Horovitz’s “The Widow’s Blind Date” at the Gloucester Stage Company

Gloucester Stage Company

The Widow’s Blind Date

Written and Directed
by Israel Horovitz

Paul O’Brien

Tom Bloom

Dossy Peabody and Paula Plum appearing in “Mermaids”

Dossy Peabody and Paula Plum
    on the set of Mermaids

Directed by Richard Benjamin
     with Cher, Bob Hoskins,
        Winona Ryder (1990)

Grey Johnson Richard McElvain Pete Kovner directed by Larry Blamire in Sketch-O-Rama

Richard McElvain

and directed
by Larry Blamire

Grey Johnson

Pete Kovner

Dori May

Peg Flaherty


Theatre Nine

Dossy Peabody as Mary Silber in “The Crucible”

The Crucible

Directed by Nicholas Hytner

“Mary Sibber”


Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder
Paul Scofield, Joan Allen,
Bruce Davison, diverse others

Dossy Peabody Coaching Actors on the Boston North Shore

“Dossy’s support is a great gift for any actor. She has instilled in me a great sense of pride and passion for my work. She has guided me - preparing me for crucial (and successful!) auditions, attending my performances, and helping me find countless opportunities to work and learn.”

Eric Sirakian
Graduate of Yale & RADA

Dossy Peabody Coaching Actors on the Boston North Shore

Broadway Review
Directed by
Mickey Coburn
The Acting Place

* During our national health emergency, I will be offering coaching sessions remotely. Email me for details:

"Dossy Peabody - Boston area acting coach

Photo by Tom Bloom

Dossy Peabody / Award Winning Actor (Elliot Norton) and Acting Teacher (Emerson College) /
Coaching Actors through out Boston
and Boston’s North Shore

An award winning actor (Elliot Norton Award ’90) and acting teacher (Outstanding Teacher ’08 - Emerson College), Dossy Peabody coaches both professional and non-professional actors of all ages.

Over the years, Dossy’s actors have been and are being accepted to some of the best graduate and undergraduate training programs in the country.

They are being cast in productions at such regional theaters as Trinity Rep, Merrimack Rep, Gloucester Stage, Speakeasy, Lyric Stage, Actors’ Shakespeare, New Rep, Boston Playwrights’, A.R.T. & Huntington. In addition, her actors are auditioning for, and getting cast in, films & television at CP Casting, Boston Casting, Paradice Casting, & Slate Casting.

Her actors are applying to theatre schools, preparing audition monologues, working on stage and film roles, or simply studying the craft and art of acting to develop and expand their skills.

Dossy coaches singing actors who want to explore the lyrics to enhance and energize their performance, as well professionals from other fields who feel they might benefit either professionally or personally from her coaching.

For those students who are unable to meet in person, and who are established clients, a coaching session through skype is possible as well.

From Kate Snodgrass
Artistic Director
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre:

“Whenever I'm asked about acting coaches in the area, I recommend Dossy Peabody first and foremost. Always.”

"She's a gifted actor herself. She's been in two of my plays, so I know firsthand. She's so good that the Boston Theatre Critics opted to recognize her with their very first Elliot Norton Outstanding Actor Award."

"And what she does on stage, she brings to her coaching sessions. I know it when actors have worked with Dossy because they're honest and true in their responses. They're all about the work, not about showing me how talented they are. They're professional. I want to watch actors like Dossy--who can live out their characters truthfully, who make intelligent and spontaneous choices, and who have a seriousness of purpose. Dossy brings those qualities and more to her coaching. She's very simply the best."

Movie clips below of Dossy Peabody appearing In Dreams, Mermaids, The Crucible, and Meet The Mobsters with Robert Downey Jr., Cher, Bob Hoskins, Paul Scofield, Daniel Day Lewis, Winona Ryder, John Fiore, Richard Snee and Lonnie Farmer.