Dossy Peabody, winner of an Outstanding Teacher award for Performing Art and Acting at Emerson college, coaching actors through out Boston and the Boston north shore.

Emerson College
Outstanding Teacher Award: Performing Arts - Acting

Outstanding Teacher Award: Performing Arts - Acting

Emerson College, Boston, 2008

Emerson College Student Evaluations of Dossy

“Enthusiasm, and 'outside the box' thinking.”
“Her patience and willingness to approach each student with kindness and determination.”
“Her range of experience when teaching theater give her the know-how to assign suitable exercises for each and every student, in order to invoke the strongest and most positive response as an actor. I was very impressed by Dossy's skills as an actor and instructor.”
“Dossy is a brilliant acting coach. It was thrilling to watch her make transformative suggestions to students, and to receive them. She is warm, and also focused and serious about the work, which I appreciate. She put together a fantastic reading list for the course, and assigned us a reflective journal project that helped enhance my learning tremendously. It was a fabulously well designed course, with a good amount of work. She was flexible, kind, insightful, available, and honest, and really a pleasure to have as a professor. Plus I learned a whole lot.”
“Dossy has a friendly, easygoing manner and a vast wealth of experience and resources from which to draw.”
“Dossy has a very straightforward style of teaching acting, which was a breath of fresh air ... Everything she communicated to us was done on a practical level. I feel that, because of her teaching style, I will have a lot to bring to the table as a teacher for my own future acting classes.”
“Dossy is really passionate about acting and comes from a unique perspective in her teaching so she provides valuable insight from a completely different standpoint.”
“Dossy possesses a tremendous breadth of experience in every conceivable acting scenario. Her methods educate, surprise and tease firmly and positively nuanced performances from her students. She utilizes her years of training and knowledge seamlessly. The required reading, reflections on readings, scene and monologue work were informative, thought provoking, boundary pushing and rewarding. The foundational exercises enabled deeper concentration and focus in class and spilled out into real world. Most of all, Dossy possesses an indomitable spirit that at once infuses passion, the art of letting go and being in that delicious moment we call ”Acting.“ As a teacher, she focuses on the subject allowing each student to find their way along their personal continuum so whether a seasoned actor or neophyte.”
“She knows her craft, and is an inspiring teacher of it.”
“She changed the way I approach theater, period. I now have yet another shining example of the type of theater instructor I want to be someday, further impressed onto my mind.”
“Dossy teaches acting so that a person believes that is possible to do so regardless of a personal skill set or innate ability. In the class, she also included ideas, motivating quotes, videos, texts and extra materials on techniques along with a comprehensive reading list both related to acting and teaching. She teaches 'acting' modeling through her own steadfast, playful and imaginative teaching and coaching style offering her ideas without imposing them. I have learned so many things - the use of a variety of warm up activities, thinking deeply and critically as it relates to acting, playing - the mere need to play, the essence of acting, use of games and props to finding and perhaps the most important advice: Start with yourself and work from there - maybe obvious and yet -not.”
“Dossy knows her stuff! She guides her classes in a warm and engaging way.”
“Dossy really knows what she's talking about. As someone who swore off acting classes a while ago, I was shocked by how much I loved her teaching style. Also, she goes out of her way to meet with students and to address their concerns, which is wonderful.”
“I love this teacher, she is one of the best acting teachers I have ever had.”