Dossy Peabody - Acting Coach

“You coached me for the Source auditions. You did a wonderful job. I received three professional calls right away and have been working ever since. I have been thinking about you and your wonderful coaching style. So specific and still so supportive.”

Kim Sedlock / Actor

* During our national health emergency, I will be offering coaching sessions remotely. Email me for details.

Monologues & Auditions

Dossy Peabody award winning actor and teacher coaching actors through out Boston and the Boston North Shore

Dossy Peabody / Actor, Acting Coach, Teacher

For both professional and non-professional actors of all ages, I offer personal, one on one coaching for monologues, auditions, scene work and roles you're cast in.

We prepare your pieces for theatre or film; for graduate, undergraduate, or conservatory programs; for StageSource auditions; or to simply to broaden and develop a variety of monologues for you to have available when you need them.

We will discuss and ask questions relating to the story, character, text, subtext and context. The discoveries made will help create a professional and authentic performance.

Focus is also given to vocal expression and body language.

This work helps to activate the imagination, exercise concentration, and develop confidence.

During our sessions, I'm happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding auditioning, headshots/resumes, next steps, and networking.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

- Dr Seuss